terça-feira, 7 de setembro de 2010

Varsana Parikrama Darshan

31 October 2009. Today's parikrama is in Vrishabhanupur or Varsana. In this episode, our parikrama party started from Vrishabhanu kund where Vrishabhanu Maharaj would take bath every morning and is one of the appearance places of Srimati Radhika. Then we passed by Rangeli Gali where holi pastimes (throwing of color powders) took place between Krsna and the gopis. And from there reached Sankari Khor which is the very narrow path between the hills Vishnu Parvat and Brahma Parvat and where Krsna and His sakhas would take tax from the passer-by gopis plundering their yoghurt and milk products. But it is also in this same place where.He and His friends learned their lesson when the gopis took revenge and ambushed Him and His friends and captured them, slapped their cheeks and tied them on trees. Especially Krsna He learnt His lesson after the gopis made fun of Him by dressing Him as a gopi and let Him carry a pot of yoghurt while they hit His pot with a stone to break it and get His whole body drenched with yoghurt. Also in this episode you can take darshan of the rasa mandal on top of Vishnu Parvat called Vilas Garh.

From Sankari Khor (previous episode) we passed by Citra Sakhi's village called Chiksauli then we climbed up Brahma Parvat to go to Mor Kutir or Mayur Kutir which is another rasa mandal where Radha and Krsna danced in the form of a peacock and a peahen. Then downhill we went to Krishna Kund and went back up to another rasa mandal on top of Brahma Parvat called Mana Garh where Radhika displayed mana (jealous anger) and Krishna expertly broke it. From Mana Garh we proceeded to Dana Garh which is another beautiful rasa mandal or area of sweet pastimes on top of Brahma Parvat.

Just very near Dana Garh (from previous episode), we proceeded to the Jaipur Temple which is a beautiful temple built by the King of Jaipur. Then from there we went to Sriji Kunj which is now a beautiful Sriji Temple of Srimati Radhika. After singing some bhajans for Srimatiji, we proceeded down the hill to Vrishabhanu Maharaja's house which is also one of the appearance places of Srimati Radhika. Then from there we walked to the yellow pond, Pili Pokhara.

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